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There's an old saying within the Bitcoin community that goes ~ Not your keys | Not your coins ~ meaning if you don't hold and protect your own private keys, then you technically do not own any of the Bitcoin associated with them. Given the importance of self-custody, this is why we decided to place a key in our logo guarded by two powerful lions. Lions themselves embody an image of fierce bravery, courage, strength, and protection. As a force to be reckoned with lions are the perfect representation of what it means to be a true Hodler. Likewise, the stark environmental backdrop on the homepage mirrors the mental fortitude it takes to HODL through trying times.


In the emergent world of Bitcoin and its undeniable success, we believe Monero is the only other alternative protocol that has the proper merits and disruptive attributes to co-exist in harmony with the inherent concepts of true sound money. While other noteworthy investments do exist, from our vantage point it can be said that Bitcoin and Monero represent two sides of the same coin, each one boasting key attributes that the other cannot  hope to attain on their respective base layers. To learn more about their unique differences we invite you to check out our Resources page.